Tigers And Bulldogs

Tigers And Bulldogs A Toss Up For College Football Gamblers

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The Auburn Tigers have had a rocky road so far in their trek through their SEC schedule, but no matter what has happened in the past, they must make sure that they take care of business today if they want to stay in the top twenty five.

Across the field, the Georgia Bulldogs will have much higher goals in the game as they have played well and are currently the #10 team in the country, and with a win in this game, they could move ever closer to a BCS game birth.

Although a win does not assure them of that BCS game, it will get them closer to that goal as they will still have to win their conference championship game to get where they want to go.

Auburn has been somewhat of an enigma so far this year, they have lost a few games they feel they should have won, but they also have impressive victories over powerhouse teams such as Florida.

The Bulldog fans will be ready to go when game time arrives, which is set for 3:30. Georgia is favored in the game by 2, and the total is 44.5. The game will be televised as the SEC game of the week on CBS

Giants And Cowboys Gambling On Young Quarterbacks To Win NFC East

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The Dallas Cowboys got the better of the New York Giants the first time they met this season, but now the scene shifts to the Meadowlands, where the Giants will try to pull even with the Cowboys for the NFC East division lead.

The quarterbacks will be the focus of this match up, and so far this season neither Eli Manning nor Tony Romo have disappointed.

Romo got the best of Manning in week 1 in Dallas, but since losing their first two games, the Giants and Manning have played as if they are the best team in the NFC.

All the Cowboys keep doing, however, is winning, and if they can defeat the Giants in New York today, they will have complete control of their NFC destiny the rest of the way.

The Giants believe that the first game of the year was a fluke, and a win today will draw them even with Dallas in the division, but also will …

Super Bowl Tickets

Super Bowl Tickets Have Escalated Into Big Time Money

Super Bowl one was held at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles and had the NFL known what it knows now, that the game would become the biggest on the planet, they might not have set ticket prices at $12, $10, and $6 dollars.

That’s what it cost at face value to attend the league’s first Super Bowl.

Now, fast forward forty years to Dolphin Stadium for Super Bowl forty one and you find yourself paying a face value of $700 for lower bowl seats, and $600 for the upper deck seats.

Why has the stock in these tickets grown? Well, for starters, the game has become the most watched sporting event in the world.

Then, throw in the fact that the NFL has made all the right moves to market itself.

And, end with the idea that the marketing around the Super Bowl game has become so enormous that sponsors have paid millions of dollars to be a part of the event, and there becomes a demand for tickets that can dictate it’s own market price.

The average “joe” can forget about attenting this event, as the corporite sponsors have eaten up almost all of the available tickets and are using them to court their biggest clients.

Anyone seeking to purchase tickets simply to attend, or to see their favorite team play, can expect to pay between $2500 and $3500 per ticket, a number which is so astronomical, it has even the most loyal of fans balking.

The end result is that the NFL has grown into such a marketing giant, that the demand for the tickets are so great, it becomes easy for the NFL to set the price high on the tickets, and let the corporate geniuses battle it out as to who attends the game.…