Sportsbooks in Delaware a Possibility By Next Football Season

Traveling by car from the south states of America up through the chilly northeast I decided to stop in the great state of Delaware so that I could tour the popular Dover Downs Race and Casino.

I managed to interview some executives at Dover Downs and ended up discussing what they believe their plans are for the future. With the opening up of slots parlors in Pennsylvania, having Atlantic City not far away, and with the new competition expected to come from the beginning of table games in West Virginia; the Delaware casinos anticipate a major drop in business.

To offset this, the Delaware state legislature is considering ways of improving attendance to their casino sites to ensure that a massive amount of revenue is not lost permanently.

How are they planning on doing this? Well, it is important to know a little known fact, one of the executives told me… “Delaware is one of a few states in America that allow by their constitution betting on sports. However, there has been no legal venue for this to occur.”

According to the executive, the Delaware legislature is currently seeking ways to define their ability to institute this activity and it makes sense since they already do simulcast wagering on horse racing.

Dover Downs is already building a larger hotel on the site in anticipation of increased interest due to the proposed sports betting laws. Delaware is not allowed to have table games such as roulette, blackjack or craps according to their constitution, however. In order for Delaware to offer these games, voters must pass a constitutional amendment and currently there is no talk of such a move.

For years, gamblers have preferred Delaware casinos because the slots have higher payout rates than Atlantic City. The jackpots are not as high, however, the mid range and smaller payouts are more frequent, which helped to make Delaware casinos a more attractive destination for some seniors and many locals. Added to the attraction of tourists to Delaware is that there is no sales tax, which is appealing to seniors who like to go shopping in local area stores, and dining out is less expensive, too. Overall, Delaware offers a good value to the budget conscience.

According to the executives at Dover Downs in Delaware, there may be sports gambling by the next football season which could save the state’s casinos.…


Sportsbooks Carry The Real College Football Preseason Polls

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Every season the coaches and the associated press put out preseason polls for the upcoming college football season, but the sportsbooks in Vegas also put out a poll by default, the odds to win the national championship.

What better place to look to find who will be the best teams in college football than the odds to win the national championship.

One must assume that while the AP and coaches poll is filled with bias, the odds from Vegas are a true guide to the upcoming college football season. After all, sportsbooks stand to lose millions of dollars if their predictions are wrong. So let’s take a look at who the real best teams in the country are.

USC heads the list and is the overwhelming favorite in the sportsbook poll at +180. West Virginia comes in at the number two spot at +600, a huge drop from the Trojans.

LSU is the third choice at +700. Texas and Michigan round out the top five with both teams being at +800.

Sixth is where we find the defending national champions with a price of +1000. Wisconsin is seventh at +1300, and Louisville eighth at +1500.

The top ten is actually rounded out by a three way tie between Oklahoma, UCLA, and Florida State, all at +2000.

If you are looking for sleepers and value for your money, check out eleven through fifteen, Auburn, California, Georgia, and Penn State are all +3000, and Tennessee and Notre Dame are at +3500.

Anyone looking to correctly predict what will happen in College Football needs to overlook the useless polls that are the AP and Coaches, and go with the people with the money on the line, the sportsbooks.…