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Several Teams Making NFL Wagering Predictable This Season

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Usually every season in the NFL, by this time of year odds makers have a strong grasp on all the teams and can accurately put out betting lines that have the public shaking their heads.

This year, however, several teams are making it difficult on the sports books.

The New England Patriots not only might be the best football team of all time by the end of the year, but they are taking gamblers along for the ride as sports books have not come up with a spread high enough this year that the Pats could not cover. Undefeated on the season, and undefeated against the spread, very unusual.

On the other side of the coin, there is the Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams, and while they have covered a spread or two between them, for the most part it has been easy money for gamblers who just pick against these two win less teams.

The Dallas Cowboys are another team that has been putting up so many points this year, that it is difficult for odds makers to make lines high enough for gamblers to get scared off and go the other way.

Unlike previous seasons, there seems to be a major distinction between the elite teams in the league and the bottom dwellers, not as many as usual fall into the mediocre category, and that is most of the time a deadly combination for sports books.

As long as the Patriots and Colts keep rolling, and the Dolphins and Rams stay miserable, it could be happy returns for gamblers for the first time in many recent NFL seasons.

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